Welcome at Boat and Fishing Boat Rental "De Biesbosch In", Drimmelen. De Biesbosch In is located in the Biesbosch Marina Drimmelen at the edge of the Biesbosch National Park and is the go-to place to rent a boat  and fishing boat to explore the amazing National Park. De Brabantse Biesbosch is a special National Park and is mostly accessible by boat only. The small creeks and streams combined with the endless woods and cane forests give this national park it’s unique bio-diversity. Read more about Biesbosch NP.
Start your day full of adventure  at Bistro Amerzicht, a small bistro with an amazing view into De Biesbosch NP. Enjoy a cup of coffee before you start exploring the National Park. After your trip you can enjoy a cold drink or ice cream at our location.
A day in the Biesbosch NP is a day full of new experiences and adventure. Rent a boat at De Biesbosch In and discover it all by yourself. The boats can host up to 10 persons and can be manouvered easily. A license or permit isn't neccessary for our rental boats. Also, if you stay in the area for a longer period of time or for just a week-end, it is possible to rent a boat for more than just one day. It is possible to stay in Biesbosch NP as well. There are camp sites and a few spots where you can stay without any facilities, for the real adventurous guests, please contact us for all possibilities!
We would love to welcome you in Biesbosch NP and make sure you will experience a day you won’t forget. If you have any questions send us a e-mail or call us. If you would like to make a reservation, go to our reservation page for the retal boats or fishing boats.
See you soon in the Biesbosch!

Marc-Jan and Brenda Witte
Team De Biesbosch In
Telefoonnummer: 06-12871223
E-mail: info@debiesboschin.nl
 Boat rental BIesbosch

Special autumn offer: All 6 person sloops (for a whole day or part of a day): € 75 (excl. Fuel) Reserve your sloop via e-mail, Whatsapp or by telephone! info@debiesboschin.nl 06-12871223